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We are a family owned company providing the highest quality communications products and services throughout Northeastern Arizona since 1979.  White Mountain Communications has a very knowledgeable sales and  service staff that has the ability to tailor communication solutions to meet every need. We proudly maintain radio systems for many top agencies .  Owned by Donald Wise, White Mountain Communications has been responsible for quality communications in the White Mountains for 45 years.

White Mountain Communications provides pagers, towers, antennas, repeaters, radios, business band radio airtime, tower and building rental, radio sales and service since 1979 to over 1200 customers throughout Arizona.

Daniels Repeater and Base Station

White Mountain Communications has towers on Greens Peak and Porter Mountain in eastern Arizona that provides modern, well maintained facilities for two way radio systems.

White Mountain Communications sells Kenwood, Ericsson / Harris, Uniden and other two way radio products in all frequency bands (800, VHF, UHF, etc). Our experienced technical staff repairs Motorola, Bendix-King, Uniden and many other products for customers such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Government, Local Public Safety agencies.

White Mountain Communications provides tower work at numerous sites on the White Mountain Apache Tribe Reservation, including McKay’s Peak and Seven Mile Rim.

Jaguar P5100
Jaguar P5100

Here’s what to expect from White Mountain Communications:

  • Dependable solutions tailored to meet the individual demands of our customers.
  • Availability of the highest quality equipment in the communications market.
  • Reliable access to most extensive range of well-maintained towers available in the region.
  • Superior customer service and support.
  • Increase operational efficiency and response.
  • We help improve the safety of your operations by maintaining quality communications.

Past… Present… Future… White Mountain Communications – The peak of performance and technology.

White Mountain Communications… Turn your two way radio needs into reality.

Our NEW online store is now open. We are pleased to offer online purchasing of radio products, parts, and accessories. This added service provides you with the flexibility to order radios, parts and accessories, online, 24 hours a day, at your convenience. If you want a custom quote tailored to a specific application, feel free to request it online or call us today.


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White Mountain Communications
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Pinetop, AZ 85935

Phone: 928-367-6116
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Email: info@whitemountaincomm.com
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
24 Hour Emergency Service
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